December 17, 2011

Credit where it's due, and other notes

Not relevant, but zombies = funny.
This morning I noticed that Youtube videos embedded on my blog seem to be working again.  I was really annoyed when they wouldn't work in my Chrome browser and I had to use Internet Explorer to see them on my own website.

Credit where it's due, Blogger, where my domain  is hosted, seems to have done something to fix it after I sent them a complaint.

Speaking of credit where it's due, I'm cutting off the Yale course on capitalism by professor Rae as the remaining parts of the lecture series head in a direction that isn't particularly exciting for me.  You can find the video series on Youtube if you wish to see the remainder.  There is one lecture of interest where Rae, a self-proclaimed Obama voter, explains the reason, having read some 20% of the Obamacare legislation, why he could not support the legislation.  It might be worth a look.  On the other hand, while he praises Hayek in another lecture, he also disrespects him in the same paragraph.  That's not the reason for my stopping the lecture series however.  It has to do with the topics themselves not being ones I feel are currently relevant to this blog.

Getting back to credit where it's due, Saturday Learning Series will continue next week, but in the meantime, take a look back at this older installment, from English Historian James Burke, in the series The Day The Universe Changed entitled, Credit Where It's Due.  His series and his other series Connections take a unique look at the course of history through the lens of scientific discovery. 

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