December 6, 2011

Social Networks vs. Putin

FaceTwit vs Putin.
Some observations on the anti-Putin protests happening in  Russia and how social media is playing a part;
During the rally -- called mostly through social networks whose use has boomed in Russia in recent years -- protesters chanted "Russia without Putin" and "Putin should be in prison."

Navalny has won a huge following on the Internet for exposing corruption at state-owned firms and he coined the phrase, which has now been taken up by all the opposition, "swindlers and thieves" to describe United Russia.
There's this observation also;
The organisers used social media such as Twitter and Facebook to attract new support from people who no longer consider Putin to be invincible.
And of course it's not just Twitter, Facebook is playing a role too;
Russian bloggers have hailed the success of a rarely-seen "Facebook rally" where thousands protested against elections won by Vladimir Putin's ruling party and warned of more demonstrations to come. 
Several thousand mostly young demonstrators braved freezing rain late on Monday to show their frustrations over weekend legislative elections that handed a narrow victory to the Russian prime minister's party despite claims of fraud. 
The event never made it on the state TV news but was debated across Russia's rapidly spreading internet as bloggers swapped news of arrests and posted videos of election violations.
Facebook and Twitter and blogging may win the second stage of the cold war.  That would be cool.  Cooler still - they could help free Russia.

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