December 13, 2011

The new meme for Romney

With a new poll showing Ron Paul surging into second place in  Iowa, a lot of attention will shift to Paul.  Who knows, he may win Iowa.  But his candidacy just isn't sustainable.  He's stuck with the same problem as Romney - a steady base of support but not really much room to grow beyond his core supporters (at least for now).  The real story that might emerge over the next couple of weeks is a new meme for Mitt Romney.

Perhaps Romney has peaked and he's now experiencing the slide that all of his not-Romney contenders have so far faced.  Could the new meme for Romney be "it's over"?  Quite possibly.

You can say you heard it here first.

UPDATE:  While I'd like to take credit for a special insight the poll may just be an outlier at this point. Furthermore, while I said Romney's comment about a $10,000 was a problem for Romney, but not a big one, I may have missed the fact that the media tried to make it into a story bigger than it was, and they may have succeeded.  We'll soon see.

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