December 20, 2011

I'm back, Jong Il's not

I wasn't able to post yesterday and most of today, I've been very busy and I can see it not letting up for the rest of the week.  But with a small window, open I need to comment on the death of Kim Jong Il - the leader of the cult of North Korea.

His death it is said, presents an opportunity for possible normalization of relations with the rogue nation.  Or maybe not;

Wow, that's really, really insane. Yeah, definitely not normalization;
Kim Jong Un is the youngest of three sons of a bizarrely dysfunctional family. His older brother Kim Jong Nam apparently lost his chance to succeed Kim Jong Il after he was caught in 2001 trying to sneak into Japan — using a bogus Dominican Republic passport — to visit the Tokyo version of Disneyland. Another brother, Kim Jong Chol, was said to have been ruled out of the succession race because he is “too effeminate.”...

After he gave his good wishes to North Korea’s national soccer team last year — and the team lost all three World Cup matches — the members were forced to stand outside the People’s Palace of Culture in Pyongyang and be denounced by students and fellow athletes because they had betrayed the heir apparent.

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