December 10, 2011

Romney rationale sets low bar

Forget the 'most electable' argument, the new rationale for Romney support is...saving face?

Via Politico, this;
"He has lived a life of integrity and it is such a pleasure to see him interact with his wife and family," Kramer said, per Reid Epstein. "He will never get off the rails in such a way that he will embarrass us."
Won't embarrass us?  John McCain didn't embarrass the GOP either and look how well that went.  The real embarrassment will come from losing to Obama.  Prove Romney can't lose to Obama and then maybe you'll catch my attention.  Heck, prove he can win the primary first.  But don't set the bar as being that he won't embarrass the GOP.

If Newt(or anyone other than Romney) is the nominee and wins against Obama, but embarrasses the GOP in the process, I'm fine with that.  A little embarrassment is worth saving the country.  This election marks a decision point in the country unlike anything since the Civil War.  The country can go in two directions and one leads off of a fiscal cliff.  A little embarrassment in that context, is meaningless.

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