December 16, 2011

Bizarro World GOP style

I missed the debate last night, so I'm still looking to see if anything went down out of sorts. Nonetheless, this morning South Carolina Governor, Nikki Hayley herself a recipient of Tea Party support has chosen to endorse - Mitt Romney?

That follows on the heels of other weird developments like not one but two GOP candidates having complete brain freezes (Perry and Cain) in rapid succession and the non-runs of several expected candidates like Mike Huckabee, Mitch Daniels and of course Sarah Palin. That's not to mention Chris Christie who. ultimately endorsed Mitt Romney.
Not quite this bizarre.

Then of course there was the Donald Trump run / not run. And his debate / not debate. And his 3rd party run / not run.

Herman Cain had not one but five all harassment allegations leveled against him.

Not one candidate has run a fantastic campaign. Some clearly have been better than others but no candidate has been without gaffes. The two guys at the top of the pack are there because they have had the least number of unforced errors so far.

You expect some spectacle in a primary - they are dynamic and people are imperfect. While this hasn't been the Keystone Cops, it hasn't been terribly confidence-inspiring either.  Any one of the candidates would do a better job than president Obama. I can't help but wonder though, with the volatility of the GOP primary polls, the anti-Romney vote bouncing from candidate to candidate and the sagging Obama approval ratings, whether those who opted not to run are kicking themselves now for their choices. 

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