December 9, 2011

Check these people out.

Quickly, some links worth reading and blogs worth supporting today;

Erstwhile twitter buddy, and now famous Tea Party champion Kevin Jackson of The Black Sphere, comments on Democrats' celebration of the demise of Herman Cain.

Innominatus needs your help. I hate to point that out, seeing as I do too (in 3 years of blogging I've received a whole $2 in donations), but the guy writes good stuff, so go lend a hand.  Mean Ol Meany, King Shamus and Annoy The Left need visitors - they need a nudge back into writing some more, they are all overdue for more posts, go tell them. They're quality writers too.

Always good and timely - Gateway Pundit.

Teresamaerica endorses Rick Santorum and as a value add, explains why.

Fix America looks and the geography of the recession and concludes the solution is Ron Paul.


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