December 15, 2011

I'm still not reading National Review and so should you

I used to love National Review.  There's a lot of intelligent writers there and I'm particularly interested in the writings of Jim Geraghty on the Campaign Spot.  But I'm not reading any of it now.  I've said why.  Yesterday in fact.  William Jacobson of Legal Insurrection fame, has a short piece on the need to Defeat National Review.

Regardless of whether you support Gingrich or not, you have to question the publication which is violating Reagan's 11th commandment and the Buckley rule of nominating the most conservative, electable candidate. Buckley WAS the National Review.  What the hell happened?

The editors of National Review, and presumably a number of their writers have not only violated those conservative maxims, they've done so in the name of their preferred candidate - Mitt Romney.  The unintended consequence is they are helping out president Obama.  The two candidates who most certainly cannot defeat Obama - Romney and Huntsman, represent two of their three preferred choices.


If the National Review is going to start trashing Republicans who are too conservative, they need to face the consequences.  What goes around, needs to come around to them.  Spread the word - defeat National Review. Tweet it.   Facebook it.  Tea Party it.  Blog it.  

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