December 29, 2011

Top 10 conservative readings for 2011

I've compiled a diverse list of conservative readings for 2011.  The list covers a wide range of topics and was selected to try to include a broad range of conservative topics/issues.  As a result a number of good readings were left out so that the list would have the topical diversity I was hoping for.

Each of the items in the list are linked back to the original item, where you can read them in full.

10. A reminder  - The Year In Administration Scandals - Accuracy in Media

9.  An observation - Paralytic Western Society - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

8.  An explanation - What makes the economy grow - Heritage Foundation

7.  An eye opener - Democrats War on the Poor - American Thinker

6.  A conversation starter - Energy policy - Reason Magazine

5.  A call to common sense - Social Security reform - CATO Institute

4.  A call for sound money and sound monetary policy - Pro growth - The American (American Enterprise Institute)

3.  A Christian conservative primer - Christians in a post-welfare world - American Spectator

2.  An important throwback - The Meaning of the Constitution - Edwin Meese, The Heritage Foundation

1.  A very important throwback - Common Sense, Thomas Paine

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