December 20, 2011

Lie of the year goes to the Democrats. BUT...

The clearly left-leaning Politifact announced what it sees as the Lie of The Year for 2011.  It turns out the Democrats claim that Republicans voted to end Medicare is a big fat lie. I guess Politifact is trying to remain relevant and appear unbiased.  Too little, too late.  Besides, liberals already are lambasting the decision as well, wrong.

From the L.A. Times, there was this, followed by a reminder that the last two lies belonged to Republicans;
Is the 'Lie of the Year' about ending Medicare actually true?
Oh, okay.  The liberal lie hasn't just collapsed, somebody had a random attack of honesty in the liberal media and it will surely be nipped in the bud.  The L.A. Times notes the quick and unfriendly reactions from the left.

Paul Ryan, expect no apologies.

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