December 20, 2011

Warning, graphic content and conspiracy theory

I stumbled on this today, a claim that the Osama bin Laden death photo is a hoax.  There's no claim that the death was faked, but certainly a claim the picture was faked.  The weird thing is, it could be correct.

You can see the claim here from back in May.  Warning - there is graphic content and some conspiracy theory involved which are too graphic for me to include here.  But if you look at the details of the two pictures in question, it sure makes a case for Photoshop being involved.

The question that isn't clear from the post is where that second picture comes from.  I did some investigation and found a post from 2006 on that has the photo on it. WARNING -- The post is even more graphic and disgusting than the dead Bin Laden image. You can view it here.

What are the implications of this if it is faked?  Could bin Laden have been long dead when the claimed killing took place?  Why would that happen?  Could bin Laden still be alive?  Probably not - not unless he's in Guantanamo being water-boarded for information on all those other people they are catching.  Or perhaps they simply didn't have a photo of his corpse and felt the need to release something as proof.

In any case, there are questions that I now have that I didn't before.  I'm always skeptical of conspiracies but in this case, I'm curious.

Does anyone have any insight on this?

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