December 7, 2011

Obama succumbs to scruples

In case you forgot this one.
Recently I pointed out that president Obama had the nerve to demand Congress work through the holidays while he went on vacation for 17 days.  So did Mitt Romney (although I think I was first).  It turns out the president has succumbed to scruples or else he realized he just couldn't get away with the hypocrisy.
President Obama is not vacationing in Hawaii with his wife and children while the extension of the payroll tax holiday remains in limbo, and has warned GOP congressional leaders to stay in town as well.

Obama had planned to fly to Hawaii with his family on Dec. 17 and stay there through New Year’s.

After getting ripped by GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney over his vacation plans, Obama told Senate Democratic leaders Wednesday that he will stay in town until Congress finishes work on the payroll tax holiday, unemployment benefits and other issues.
Now, if only we could get him to get past the hypocrisy on this. It's actually the bigger issue.

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