August 8, 2011

Obama movies: Lien On Me

Here's a list of Obama movie titles I can come up with as the prime actor in the debt situation.  If you've got some, throw them in the comments section.

  • Lien on Me
  • The HangOver-Draft
  • Slumdog Trillionaire
  • The Debt Poet Society
  • dRain Man
  • Citizen Keynes'
  • Debt Day Afternoon
  • Trillion Dollar Baby
  • No Money For Old Men
  • 2011: An Arrears Odyssey
  • Raging Bull$&!%
  • The Treasure of the Socialist Madre
  • Federal Reservoir Dogs
  • Requiem for a Socialist Dream
  • The Shining (Path)
  • Fiscal Gump
  • 12 Angry Radicals
  • Crouching "Terrorists", Hidden Debt
  • Debt Soup
  • Recovery Window
  • Radical Without A Cost
  • Saving Private Donors
  • Some Like It Debt

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