August 28, 2011

Chuck Slowe: For Those On The Far Freaking Left...

From Chuck Slowe, another important reminder for all about the left and how their math is way off.
 For Those On The Far Freaking Left, Either Put Up or Shut Up! I Am Sick Of Your Lies And Half-Truths!  Simple Math Should Not Be That Difficult! When It Comes To Federal Taxes, Get Your Facts Straight! Most Of Your Constituents Pay None! 
 It's a good blog, go check it out. However, he's talking to a brick wall. Since the math doesn't support their argument, they rely on an inattentive audience and obfuscation to get their story line out there. And it works, much less so than it used to, but it still works. In other words - they're not changing. They won't do the math.

When the truth is as bad as this video below shows, the story is all that matters.  Who said " Propaganda should be popular, not intellectually pleasing. It is not the task of propaganda to discover intellectual truths."?  Oh yeah, this guy.  Don't get me wrong - I'm not accusing anyone of being this guy, I'm saying some people are following his logic on propaganda.  That is not cool. Not when the truth that Chuck Slowe, Bill Whittle, Iowahawk, myself and millions of others know the truth.  Check out Chuck's site, and be sure to watch the entire video below.  It's very sobering and the nation needs to sober up - fast.

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