August 10, 2011

Racism and Obama

I can't believe this still has to be addressed, but it is what we are up against as conservatives - be it social, fiscal, or national defense conservatives. The left has successfully planted the notion that differences with Obama are based in racism. No everyone doesn't believe that, and those who do likely vary in degrees of belief. But the belief does exist, and in whatever numbers, they make a difference on some scale when it comes to voting

I received an email from reader that said something to the effect, and I'm paraphrasing here, that some people in government resent having an African American in a position of higher authority than them. Some of them would try and stop him from succeeding at whatever he would put in front of them for the good of the USA.. Listening to the president you could tell that he knows some thing is wrong and he’s not getting the support that he should be getting. Now is not the time to try and make him fail as the country will go deeper into a hole.

That didn't sit well, because someone arguing from a weak position - not this reader, a liberal pundit - is going to try to convince people that you can't possible object to Obama, or any liberal on principle or logic. Disagreement therefore has to be based on some flaw in the disagreeing person. Racism. Sexism. Homophobia. Greedy rich people. Whatever. The succinct version of the liberal pundits in the media is "it's not him, it's you."

This reader had been swayed by such an argument from the media.  So I replied.

Here's  the email I sent in response
While I agree there is still prejudice, the mainstream media would have you believe it is rampant and it is not. It is minor in modern days. The media would also try to convince you that opposition to Obama is based on racism. The liberal media in particular, that have backed Obama to the point of irrationality.

That is the defense of a weak position. If he is doing a bad job, he is doing a bad job. Plain and simple. It has nothing to do with the color of his skin. He is an ineffective and borderline socialist president. His ideas are wrong, and his so called solutions have made and will make the problem worse. It has nothing to do with racism. Opposing him does not make me or anyone else racist, or prejudiced. Bad ideas are bad ideas. If CNN or MSNBC say that the president is need of our support, they are trying to guilt those who oppose into knuckling under because they can't win the argument.

Saving the country does not automatically mean backing the president if his ideas are bad for the economy. Fixing the economy is the number one problem and his desire to spend more (in 3 years he added $4 trillion to a national debt that took over 230 years to get to $10 trillion) has not helped, it has only made things worse. He is out of ideas and is running on ideology. His ideology doesn't work.

Back to the prejudice - he has had more support from the media than any president in history, even Roosevelt, another progressive socialist liberal. Further, he had a Democrat Senate and Congress doing his bidding for 2 years where he went hog wild on spending.

Regardless of the prejudices of anyone (and that is a desperate argument at best), he has had more leeway than anyone and he has squandered it with reckless and dumb decisions. He deserves all the opposition he has received and more.

And I'm not prejudiced. I see people as individuals not as colors. I have friends of all stripes. They are my friends because I like who they are as people. That's it. So I'm not saying this from racism or prejudice. Stupid is stupid, regardless of color.


  1. Since this President was elected I always felt that there was some hidden racism.That could be something in the back of his mind and more or less impairs some of his thinking.


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