August 29, 2011

Just one question for Obama

According to a wonderfully wry RedState post today,
After Labor Day, Obama plans to unveil his highly unanticipated jobs plan. Much like his first jobs plan, this one will include massive stimulus handouts to special interests, prodigal infrastructure spending (as much as $556 billion), unprecedented extensions of unemployment benefits, and more welfare transfer payments. Concurrently, he will inveigh against “rich” job creators and offer a healthy dose of vapid rhetoric regarding regulatory reform. However, there will be something new – something more appealing to the skeptical electorate; extending the one-year cut in payroll taxes.
It goes on about some brilliant maneuver to snooker Obama on his health care bill - blah, blah, blah.  [Actually, for the sarcasm impaired; read it, it's good]. But what stood out for me was this phrase;

'a healthy dose of vapid rhetoric regarding regulatory reform'

It created my one question which I soon realized, could be the question for any Obama discussion.  First off, my question would be posed thus;
Mr. President, since when has more regulation helped create more jobs?
It's actually a bit rhetorical, but it's a great template for a question that could be used at every Obama press conference, regardless of the topic.
Mr. President, since when has [insert Obama initiative / talking point of the day here] helped create more jobs?
Any angered response could be met with an innocent "I thought you had pivoted to jobs."

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