August 30, 2011

Help for Obama's coming jobs plan

We all know that beyond rhetorically, the president has had a really hard time pivoting to a jobs focus.  He's supposedly pivoted to jobs a few times now, but there's been no evidence that he's actually done anything beyond his original free-for-all stimulus known as ARRA (or porkulus).  There's also little evidence that what he's done has accomplished anything - except for more debt that is.  So with him ready to deliver a new jobs plan with all the appearance of him having gone away to work on a high school project in time for a due date (including the typical high school minimal and haphazard effort), he's not likely to come up with anything new, or good.

I'm not the least bit interested in helping the president get re-elected, but we are talking about the American economy and people's livelihoods suffering.  And while the GOP in Congress have provided countless suggestions and passed budgets that Obama never saw, the president has not found anything that he wants to try, other than the same old same old, and tired, Keynesian ideas.  So I've concluded that the president needs help finding the ideas that will work.  He needs ideas he can include in his plan that currently we can expect to be high in profile and low in substantive, quality ideas.

Republicans have tried to lead him to good ideas.  It hasn't worked.  There's only one man now who can help Obama find his way.  Someone who can start in one place and find his way to where he needs to go.  Someone with tracking skills.  It's obvious:

On another slowish news day, that's just my way of telling the president to buy a clue.  On a completely unsolicited side note, if you haven't seen the show Mantracker, check it out - it's a cool show.

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