August 8, 2011

Liberal Spin - It's Just Newsweek

I was listening to The Five on Fox today and liberal pundit Bob Beckel was admonishing the panel over the interpretations of Newsweek's latest cover  of Michele Bachman.  The National Organization of Women (NOW) called it sexist.  I don't think it is, but it's certainly unfair.  Beckel even said the cover wasn't the best, but he said it's not right to tar the entire media as anti-conservative because of something Newsweek did.  In principle he's right.  But everyone knows the media is primarily liberal.  In any case I wanted to point out why it can be argued that (1) it's not women but it's conservatives and (2) it's not just Newsweek, it is indeed the media.

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(1) Here's the Bachmann cover on Newsweek.  Yes, it's unflattering, and it is either deliberate or else the magazine is in dire need of some better editors who didn't catch this.  I can't argue that the editors are not all that great.  But if this were Obama this would never have gone out.

Newsweek has some explaining to do.  Especially when even the liberal NOW stated it was sexist.  Good on them by the way, but where were they for all the Palin smears?

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In any case, it's not just her that the Newsweek folks have a problem with, and the other example is not a woman, but it is a conservative.  Remember earlier this year, June to be precise, when they had Mitt Romney on their cover?

It's not very flattering either, unless you are a really big fan of Glee, or High School Musical 3.  Those are demographics who won't for Romney or are are just too young to vote.

When Romney was the preemptive favorite, he was highlighted in an unflattering way.  Now that Bachmann is moving up in the polls (despite the recent softening of her momentum) suddenly she is being portrayed as wild eyed and in unflattering way.  It's not a coincidence. It's a bias against Republican candidates and it's a lot easier to spot than the subject of a Where's Waldo page.

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(2) Remember back in 2008 when McCain was running on the GOP ticket against Barack Obama?  It wasn't Newsweek that made John McCain look like an evil vampire.  It was Atlantic Magazine.  And McCain was at the time the standard bearer for the GOP.  He's not a woman, and The Atlantic isn't Newsweek.  Granted he's not conservative, but liberals don't realize that.

That's all I've got, but it's pretty easy to find examples, and it's pretty easy to refute liberals with a modest amount of work.  So don't get flustered.  Get busy talking facts to people because that's step one.


  1. Always bring your own photographers/video recorders/MP3 recorders.

    The media cannot be trusted.


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