August 22, 2011

Canadian Socialist Leader Dies

Canadian politics is a little off the theme of my blog except where it provides an example for American politics. Today it does not do that.  However, a big story in Canada today is worth noting because it affects Canada's future as far as the progress of progressivism in the country.  NDP (socialist) leader Jack Layton, who in the latest election (that served up Canada's first conservative majority in decades) brought the socialist party to previously unattainable heights, has succumbed to cancer.

Layton had previously illness but the recent announcement that he had cancer was quite sudden and the impact was quite rapid.  My condolences go to his family and friends.  The announcement came early this morning, and was brought to my attention by fellow Canadian blogger Bob J, who also reminded me he had predicted this a couple of weeks ago.

What it means for the socialist NDP party is likely not good.  The reason is that Canadians who gave a majority government to Conservative Stephen Harper, also were willing to give an expanded role to the NDP, in large part because of the charismatic personality of Jack Layton.  Without his leadership, there is a very real possibility that the New Democrat Party will return to the normal support levels it experienced prior to this election cycle under Layton.  While that is good news for Canada, and in conjunction with a decimated Liberal party, excellent news for conservatism, it is most unfortunate that it comes at the expense of a human life.

While I disagreed with Mr. Layton on pretty much everything, I do offer his family my condolences in this difficult time.

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