August 26, 2011

God and Google

Google has apparently stopped recognizing religious institutions as non-profit organizations benefits.  Faith-based groups must now pay for Google tools that were once free.  If you do an internet search on 'Google is God' you'd be surprised how many matches you'll find.  This however is one letter different from that phrase - it's Google vs. God.

Taken alone it could be seen as a financial decision.  After all, Google is a business and it's purpose is to make a profit for it's investors.  As a free market capitalist conservative I get that.  But why are only faith-based non-profits being impacted?  If it is only because they may be viewed as having more money than other non-profits, it is a decision that carries with it terrible optics.  It seems anti-Christian, and-religious and is a double standard.

I've recently moved my Blogger account to my own named domain.  I'm seriously thinking of moving to Wordpress despite all the hassles of making such a move.  Google won't miss me much, I'm small potatoes, but perhaps an Exodus would make an impression.  Short of that perhaps a Twitter campaign (maybe #GodandGoogle) of complaint might catch their attention.

If you aren't religious this should still bother you.  It's a form of discrimination (price discrimination actually) and the nature that it was done was arbitrary, and no warning was given.  Worse still, taking money from charities, any charities, that should be put to use helping those in need is unconscionable, regardless of whether it is for greed or discrimination.   Google should be ashamed.

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