August 16, 2011

Some more two word opinions

I'm not really back from an unintended break in posting.  August has been an unusually busy month for me at work.  Consequently, my  posting frequency has suffered.  That's unfortunate because going into the dog days of August when there will be little new to discuss, my free time might just be normalizing.  That will mean I'll have to write more analytical essays, which might not be so bad since it's my preference anyway. In the meantime, anti-essays will be the order of the day since I only have 10 minutes to get this post done. 

Since brevity is the soul of wit, I give you more two word opinions.  The truth is that each of these today could still be reduced to a single word, so I'm not being as brief as possible..  I'll leave it to you to figure out for yourself  how to shorten these.

Obama's Gallup job approval rating hit an all time low at 40%.  Not finished.

Pawelenty is out of the GOP primaries.  Not surprised.

Texas governor Rick Perry is in. Not convinced.

Michele Bachmann is getting tougher questions from the media now that she's a top tier contender. Not helpful.

Sarah Palin is going to be at a Glenn Beck 'Defending the Republic' event in October, something which gives more ammunition to her detractors, and more enthusiasm to her base. Not running?

VP Joe Biden is headed to China to sell the Chinese on the acceptability of U.S. debt and the unacceptability of China's manipulated exchange rate. Not productive.

President Obama is on a bus tour promoting the blame world events/blame Bush/I saved us/I care re-election bid.  No sale.

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