August 23, 2011

Some new two word opinions

Again I'm swamped.  But I've got some more quick - very quick, in fact two word opinions - on some of the latest news items because I just can't let them pass without saying something.

Libya looks like it might be on the verge of a rebel victory and a Ghaddafi defeat. Not over.

President Obama's administration is looking to keep some troops in Iraq beyond 2012.  Not over.

Syria has finally been condemned and Assad asked to step aside from power, after a mere 1800+ deaths and months of non-action by the Obama administration. Not started.

Yet more Democrats beyond Maxine Waters are saying some pretty vile things about the Tea Party. Violent demagoguery.

Standard and Poor's chief stepping down after a devaluation of the U.S.'s credit rating and a subsequent announcement that the U.S. Justice Department is now investigating the company.  Just coincidence?

Obama's ratings in both Gallup and Rasmussen are testing new lows. Possibly over.

5.9 magnitude earthquake in Virginia this afternoon? Felt it.

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