May 29, 2010

Seeds of Clinton 2012?

Here's some things for consideration whether 2012 will involve a Hillary surprise.

James Carville, known Clinton operative, abandoning President Obama.

Senator Mary Landrieu, only too happy to take inducements for her vote for Obama's health care, also has soured on the President due to his lack of response;
“The president has not been as visible as he should have been on this, and he’s going to pay a political price for it, unfortunately,” Landrieu told POLITICO.
Is it possible this is the start of the Clinton 2012 campaign?  If you combine this with the Sestak trouble the White House is trying to bury by distancing themselves using Sestak's brother and Bill Blinton as intermediaries, maybe the Clintons are plotting something.  Keep your eyes out for other Clinton camp defections and denunciations if things continue to head south.  They probably won't let the crisis go to waste.

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