May 25, 2010

Politics: Sestak's Dilemma

To recap, Joe Sestak claims that he was offered a high ranking job by someone in the Obama administration if he stepped assigned so that Arlen Specter could be re-nominated in the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania.  That was before Sestak defeated Specter in that primary. Now, like the Red October, he's gone silent.

Here's a nice visual of it for you;

That offer amounts to a felony.  But now Sestak is not talking about it and the White House says their lawyers looked at it and there is no problem.  Watergate anyone?

Regardless of the legal outcome there's a bit of a political dilemma here.  Is Sestak lying or telling the truth?  If he's lying and that proves out, he's torpedoed his own chances come November.  If he's telling the truth then the Obama administration is going to need a scapegoat.

That is if they haven't already tried to get Sestak to shut up, which would seem to be the case, since he's clammed up and said he isn't offering more details.  I guess if it goes to court, being held in contempt isn't as bad as lying or perpetuating a lie.  What can Sestak do now?  He's either lying or he's protecting the same Obama administration that wanted him to shut up and move aside and clearly regards him as expendable.

Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

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