May 19, 2010

It Begins: The MSM meme on the primaries

Earlier I predicted where the Mainstream Media would take the discussion on last nights results.  It would seem that I was not incorrect.  Here's some of the headlines today.

The L.A. Times focused on the anti-incumbency line from PA Governor Rendell, "It's a wake-up call for every incumbent, Republican, Democrat, or anybody around the country."

The New York Times had this;
The outcomes of the primaries in Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Arkansas showed that both the Democratic and Republican parties face threats from candidates who are able to portray themselves as outsiders willing to shake up the system.

ABC news "Victories for Joe Sestak, Rand Paul Signal Voters' Anti-Incumbent Mood"

Even Fox News grabbed the convenient headline "Electorate Roars at Washington, Hands Setbacks to Establishment Candidates".

Roll Call on the other hand is pointing towards the right direction: Lessons From Tuesday: All Politics Is Local. Although I dare say that that is not entirely true. It only proves an Obama referendum can be avoided with the right tactics.

The point is, that's not the point.  Yes the Tea Parties are anti-incumbent but not because of incumbency.  It's because of policy.  This is an awakening of a politically semi-dormant class to the reality of day-to-day dealings in D.C.  It's an anger over spending, not over incumbency. Anti-incumbency is a narrative, just not the correct one.

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