May 25, 2010

Former Clinton Advisor: Sestak is Business as Usual

POLITICO reports that a former Clinton advisor, Doug Sosnik regards the White House job offer to Sestak as "business as usual". Where is a good 10' pole when you need one?
Former President George H. W. Bush’s political director, Ron Kaufman, told the paper that all White Houses make similar political offers. “But here’s the difference — the times have changed and the ethics have changed and the scrutiny has changed,” he told the paper. “When you get out there and say, ‘We’re going to do things totally different, we’re above all this and we’re going to be totally transparent,’ they cause their own problem because they’re not being transparent.”
The fact that both Democrats and Republicans have apparently engaged in this sort of malfeasance, does not excuse it one iota.  This is doubly true for a President who promised transparency and so far has really under-delivered (think the promised health care debates on C-SPAN). He made his transparent bed, now he can lie in it.

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