May 2, 2010

Sunday Reading

Some Sunday reading while I'm busy driving most of the day...

NPR reports that John Boehner, GOP leader in Congress, vows that with a majority in Congress after November, the Republicans will work to repeal the new health care law.

The oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico offers no real reason to stop offshore drilling. Sarah Palin agrees with me. How's that for hubris? Oops, am I being hypocritical?

May Day is the day for protests supporting illegal aliens??? Oh, the irony.  Kevin Jackson at the Black Sphere talks sense about it. And Michelle Malkin tracks it very well.

Robert S. McCain (The Other McCain) notices that Fred Thompson notices and connects the dots - sort of...

From Gateway Pundit - what on earth is GOP Chair Michael Steele still doing opening his mouth???  That is not a racist question it's a qualification question.

Sean McNeal at AnnoyTheLeft needs to post more.  Quality blog, I miss the posts.

Unicorn Meat??? Why not. Another good blog.

Jim Geraghty, Campaign Spot - Don't Get Cocky, in two parts. Good news for Republicans.  Now don't get cocky.

Newsmax hits on the Obama fight against the new campaign finance rules.

Eminent Domain used against...the Federal Government? Christian Science Monitor reports on the brewing battle.

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