May 9, 2010

Sunday Reading Riches

Today, a wealth of Sunday Reading - not in quantity but in quality.

A Conservative Teacher muses on the President's duty to reconnect Americans with nature.

Jim Hoft (Gateway Pundit) muses on the left's lack of economic knowledge.

Hot Air looks at the Pentagon telling Congress to cut it out with the troop pay raises.

Right Condition sees a return of economic woes.

A J Strata graphs out what you already instinctively know - unemployment is still bad. The analysis is worth a read. The reminder about the census hirings alone is worth it.

Verum Serum distills the AP fact check of the White House "from Day One" mantra on the oil spill.

From Wizbang, The Tea Part versus Republican Senator Bennett proves it isn't business as usual in politics.

I thought Michael Steele was turning invisible the last little while. Apparently not.

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