May 20, 2010

Bennett write-in bid? Okay, I'm mad.

Ousted GOP Senator Utah's Bob Bennett looks like he's pulling a 2010 Charlie Crist, as opposed to a 2009 Arlen Specter. The Hill's Ballot Box reports Bennett is considering a write-in bid. With representatives like these self-serving tools, it's no wonder the GOP lost it's way in the last decade. The idea that their careers are more important than conservative principles is why the GOP lost, it's why they lost personally and yet it's still why they want to return, because to them the choice between country and career is obvious.

The lessons have not been learned by some, clearly. And this is why the Tea Parties matter. Self-serving career politicians on both sides of the aisle have displayed some disgusting and unworthy behavior. Expect the democratic version of the purge to continue.

Meanwhile the GOP can help it's rehabilitation by embracing the likes of Rand Paul and Sarah Palin, outsiders with a connection to 'real'. Perhaps they haven't earned their way into your club the way you'd like, but then again if you keep that attitude up, your club might elite itself into non-existence. Put another way, you seem to forget, part of your job is selling yourself. If you look down your noses at your customers, you soon won't have any.

Consider that fair warning.


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