May 30, 2010

Does Obama Want BP To Fail?

A lot of pundits have been watching President Obama and wondering why he seems so ineffectual and or out of touch on the BP oil spill.  A number of reasons have been forwarded - he's tired, he's out of touch with it's importance, he's not in control of the situation, he's ineffective and unprepared.  Let me add one more possibility - he wants BP to fail.

To put it in context, the President who said this;

And also said these tough words, managed to squeeze in two vacations during the first 40 days of the disaster;

Doesn't it make sense that what he said in his first sound byte (which he's repeated a number of times) would mandate that he stay in the background, let BP fail and let BP take the blame? The Buck Stops Here attitude is belied by his actions, or rather inaction. At least when Rush Limbaugh said "I hope he fails," about President Obama when he was talking about his agenda, he came right out and said it. He didn't say one thing and do another.

Maybe I'm wrong maybe he is just tired or disconnected or ineffective. But if you still support his Presidency those attributes are only marginally better than misrepresenting himself.

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