May 7, 2010

Germany votes to pay Greece. Doom to follow.

There's some Euro-socialism for you - Americans didn't want to bail out their own banks or car companies yet Germany decides to bail out super-socialist Greece. The same Greece wherein people are rioting to not give up their cushy government subsidized lifestyles.

Europe is doomed. If they can't steel their resolve to stop the government suckle-fest in Greece, what happens when it's Portugal's turn to be rescued? Either they cave again or the howls of unfairness will erupt and the E.U. slowly dissolves piece by piece as the weakest links drop out unsupported.

Or if they do cave and bail out Portugal then the coffers drain that much more and it makes it even harder when it becomes Spain's turn to seek E.U. help. It's a domino theory style of collapse. It's death by half a dozen cuts. That's not even considering the almost certain protests that will erupt in the have countries for continually bailing out the have-nots. And at what point does France and it's large Muslim population enter the equation as it becomes an issue of racism?

As far fetched as that all seems, it's possible. Hopefully it doesn't come to that.

In the United States the people at least, in the form of Town Halls and Tea Parties, have shown the fortitude to stand up to government largess on an epic scale. America indeed still has a chance to avoid a similar fate. That is if it acts on it's intentions. (Hint: vote in November).

Here's a paranoid last thought - what if that 'phony' Dow drop yesterday was meant to panic the German NO vote on the bail out into backing off? The Dow drop was accredited to human error after all. Maybe it wasn't an error...Nah - that's just crazy talk.

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