May 3, 2010

Sedition in Immigration

At about 2 minutes into this video from SecularStupidest, the frightening real motivation behind the some of the Immigration Protest movement.

Far be it from me to equate protest with unlawfulness.  I'm no Janeane Garafalo thankfully. But there is a real agenda here to spread anti-capitalism anti-Americanism amongst an adoptive citizen population.  By getting the lawful immigrants onside with an anti-American agenda, via the immigration debate, the true spirit of American freedom is being diminished in the eyes of a voting block that hopes to reshape the country in the same way that does President Obama.

That is not unlawful. But it is deceitful in that it is part of the agenda that is being surreptitiously pushed. And it is, in the context of that pamphlet, it's hard not to see it as sedition. These stones must not be left unturned, as grievances are corrupted and twisted into mindless support of a radical manifesto.

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