May 12, 2010

Shocker: Democrats Want One More Big Spending Bill

If you are shocked that Democrats, want to squeeze in one more massive spending bill before the elections, go back to your Xbox (until December).  If you find the $200 billion price tag humdrum, you are still suffering from sticker shock from all those trillion dollar agenda items Democrats have paraded before you.  $200 billion in more spending is the last thing these phony pay-go partiers need to foist upon America.

The Hill is reporting that,
Democratic leaders are looking in the next three weeks to send President Barack Obama a slew of measures that cost more than $200 billion, including a multiyear extension of unemployment benefits, an extension of expiring tax provisions and Medicare doctor payments totaling $180 billion and a $33 billion Afghanistan war supplemental bill.
Democrats seemingly want to defend massive spending in the mid-term elections.  I have to applaud them for one thing - they have been elected to govern and they are doing just that, and sticking to their principles to boot.  While it has taken the country in the wrong direction, it does two good things.

1)  It points out how bad their ideas are and is dooming those ideas to defeat this November.  It has awoken the formerly disinterested public.  Except for those iPod, Xbox segments that President Obama needs to be engaged.
2)  It underscores the political mistakes the GOP made over the last 10 years.  When the GOP had majorities in both houses they governed not on principles but on re-elections.  When you have the right ideas, you don't need to do that.

The first benefit means that people will be less inclined to let government get away with business as usual.  The second point means that Republicans have to be sure that they understand the first point and stay true to their conservative principals and strive to serve their constituencies.

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