May 24, 2010

Meghan McCain Gets It Wrong...Again

I was just reading Meghan McCain's treatise on Rand Paul and I'd planned to post a rebuttal about her once again proving she just doesn't get it.
But uh, it turns out I really don't care what she thinks.  It might help if she actually got something right once in a while.  But while she's got pedigree and a degree from Columbia she clearly still doesn't get the Tea Party and she comes off as an insider who wants to protect her privilege.  It's as if it doesn't matter at that level if you are Republican or Democrat, just make sure you keep the money in the room where it belongs.  Protect the clique of the rich.  At least that's the impression she continually leaves.

So instead of rebutting her incorrect take on Rand Paul's 'implosion', I'm going to ignore her and not even bother posting a link to her comments.  It's not worth it and ignoring her is my best recommendation to anyone reading. If you really want to read it, it won't be with my help.

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