May 4, 2010

Just because my blog mentions green energy

Just because my blog mentions green energy doesn't mean I think it is a worthwhile investment.  But it's gotten some green energy investments ads on my web site.  Odd, since I'm not a proponent of "green" anything.  While keeping the planet clean is not a bad thing, I'm pro-drilling, pro-nuclear, pro-energy-independence for America. 

The placement of these ads got me thinking about a couple of things.  One, I obviously need to look at Google's ad filters.  Apparently I could be a little more discerning as to whom I allow to advertise on my blog.  I should figure out how to do that.

Secondly, it wouldn't hurt my readers to click on those ads.  After all, the green energy guys have to pay to advertise.  It costs them money if people click on those ads.  My readers have a high probability of being in the 'drill baby drill' camp.  So I'm not sending the naive uninitiated over to a website to be brainwashed or taken advantage of by some Green Machine.  Meanwhile I can make a bit of click money in the process at the risk of eventually offending and losing an advertiser I don't necessarily want on my blog anyway.

Then again, the advertisers are geo-specific so you might not be seeing the same green advertiser when you look at my site that I am seeing when I look.  Indeed, the green ads I get when I go to my site are not always the same ones.  It's food for thought at the very least.  Let me just say that any ads you see on my site are to be taken with a grain of salt as to my potential endorsement of said supplier and/or products.  That is at least until I figure out Google ads.


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