November 13, 2009

Opportunity is Knocking and Timing is Everything

One of the things I like to do is connect the dots.  Not in some sort of crazy consiracy theorist sort of way, but rather linking together events or ideas in the spirit of James Burke.  Mr. Burke was able to connect seemingly unrelated pieces of history together to find a common thread of social and technical progress that, when put together make a lot of sense and indeed seem to have followed a logical path.

The real excitement though is finding events that link together when not all of those events have yet occured.  That's what I mean by timing is everything.

Over at Hillbuzz, a group of disenfranchised Hillary Clinton supporters have just recently become so disillusioned with the Obama left, they have decided to switch to Independent and possibly even vote for a Republican candidate if they aren't what they term a "religious zealot".

That is an OPPORTUNITY awaiting action.

Cue Sarah Palin's book release and next weeks visit to the Oprah Winfrey show. She has an historic opportunity to re-brand herself to a large swath of the American public.  A positive appearance, with insightful, intelligent and measured communication, an endearing approach would do wonders.  That Hillary supporters have just become 'officially' disenfranchised with Obama, and Oprah viewere may in fact constitute a large portion of the Hillbuzz crowd, means that the timing is not just an opportunity but a golden opportunity for Sarah Palin to make some serious inroads into her negative image scores in a short period of time.

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