November 26, 2009

Turkeys - Uninvited Guests at the State Dinner

The President had his first state dinner last night, and there were some uninvited guests who bluffed their way in, dressed as attendees. They weren't terrorists, or rather, disaster-causing persons. Rather, they were people wanting apparently, to have some cool pictures to put on their Facebook page.

What does it say about the pre-9/11 mentality of the Democratic elite, if anything? I would be prone to let this one slide if the Fort Hood tragedy hadn't just happened. This was an innocuous event in its own light, but if it were possible I'd be willing to bet $10,000 that this would not have happened on Thanksgiving in 2001 had there been a state dinner (?).

I'd been no fan of Bush on domestic issues since 2005, other than perhaps the earlier tax cuts, but I have to give him credit on national security. Whether you agree with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq or not (and many Democrats were for the war before they were against it), Bush kept the country safe and I'd be hard pressed to believe this type of mistake would have happened on his watch.

Obama on national security? Lackadaisical? At a minimum. Misguided? Apparently so. Dangerous? Increasingly evident. While the press will laugh this off (even while the Facebook Crashers might face felony charges), national security, indeed the security of White House officials up to and including the President is nothing to laugh at. The Secret Service rightly has egg on their face over this screw up. But so does the White House mentality. This mistake would not have been allowed to happen 8 years ago. Vigilance was in vogue. Now it's disinterest that reigns.

The Facebook Crashers were no doubt being foolish in their actions but the current attitude of the party in power is the real turkey in all of this.


  1. And of course if he wasn't throwing such a huge and elaborate party in the midst of economic chaos in the country two more visitors would have stood out. He's dismissive of national security and the economic situation both, caring only about his pet causes regardless of what they will cost the people. Talk about one out of touch puppy.

  2. The economic failures are far worse than the national security failures right now (for those not personally touched by the Fort Hood tragedy), but it won't take long before the national security failures are on an equal footing.

    Without continued voter outrage, this will not end well.

    Thanks for the comment.


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