November 14, 2009

24 Obamanyms for the English Lexicon

For better or worse, President Obama has had a major political impact on America. Because his influence has been pervasive, it was inevitable that the language would be influenced by his mere presence.  To get a jump on the new verbiage, and maybe pre-emptively copywrite some future common usage words, below are some suggestions for new words.

The first of which is actually the word Obamanym used in the title:

Synonym - a word with a similar meaning to another word
Antonym - a word with the opposite meaning of another word
Homynyn - a word that sounds like another word but does not have a similar meaning
1.  Obamanym - a word improved by the mere inclusion of part of the President's name.  In order to qualify, the word must relate to Presdient Obama.

2.  Obamerica - Once Dear Leader is firmly and permanently domiciled in the White House, the United States of America's official new name will be modified to reflect it; the United States of Obamerica.

3.  Obamageddon - In the future, when the country is fraught with a myriad of perils, people will fear the coming Obamageddon, which of course the end of the world that involves global-warming driven natural disasters, a financial meltdown, and people actually understanding the value of conservative principles and individual liberty.

4.  Obamississippi - contrary to popular belief, this word doesd not represent the renaming of the state of Mississippi, but rather a recalibration of the national economy to rank 50th in the world for national median household income.

5.  Obamnesty - A noun that applies to the pardon for any crime or misdeed related to the improving  of Democrat electoral chances, especially the act of creating citizenship for illegal immigrants, falsifying census information, illegal voter registrations or thug tactics when utilized by anyone affiliated with a union (esp. SEIU).

6. Obamafaction - A feeling of euphoric happiness and tranquility as if induced by SOMA.  Example; Conservatives can't get no Obamafaction.

7.  Obamber alert - a non-voluntary partnership between law-enforcement agencies, broadcasters, transportation agencies, and the wireless industry, to activate an urgent bulletin in the most serious Tea Party gatherings, in order to suppress free speech misguided in the notion that the President is not always right.

8.  Obamma-slamma - A drink that involves arugula, dark rum, sugar, spice and everything nice.  It is always followed by a chaser of angostura bitters and hemlock.

9.  DesperadObama - a person in a state of heightened desperation based on the fear that in 2012, the world will end as Obama suffers electoral defeat.

10.  Cinqo de MayObama - A regional holiday in the liberal bastions of America, celebrating the Dear One's victory over the forces of reason and logic in 2008 and again in 2009.

11.  Obamarrogant  - an adjective describing those who utter the phrase "I won" and then act as if it means there will be no future contests.

12.  Obamaffluent - someone well off according to the following criteria; they have government-provided health care, have government-provided carbon-free air, have a job, belong to a union and pay a marginal tax rate below 50%, and haven't complained about it yet. To do so would require removal from the category (forcibly, by union thugs (see #5) shouting "We have Kelo!").

13.  Obamafuscate - to selectively reference details, create straw man arguments and use mis-direction tactics so effectively that those not paying close attention will end up voting for you.

14.  Oilbama - the fuel of the future, when everything runs on hope and dreams.

15.  Obamass - an idiot. In extreme cases, if the person is entirely an idiot, it is preceeded, or more frequently, followed by the word 'whole".  I'm sure you can do the math.

16.  Obamassive Tax Hike - When paying for promises becomes so exhorbinently expensive, you have run out of paper to print money on and the Chinese will no longer lend you money, this is the inevitable result - tax increases so large they need new adjectives; Obamassive.

17.  Obamambulance - New ambulances, like old ones, but 89% slower.

18.  Obamabuse - a type of abuse where surrogate will insult your victims/enemies without the use of fact and resorting only to the tool of ridicule when unable to formulate a coherent, fact-based response to valid criticisms. (See Also -- Obamabusive, Obamabusing, Obamabuser)

19.  CObama2 - The new carbon dioxide which is earth friendly, because they told you so.

20.  Obambudsman - future complaints about anything will bypass the court system to this duly appointed czar, who will offer fair, above the fray, post-partisan decisions that will be imposed upon all concerned, and also some who were not party to the circumstances.

21.  Keith Olberbamamann - Not a noun but rather, an adjective describing the perfect fusing of deity and worshipper into a single self-worshipping entity. Example; Tyra Banks is so Keith Olberbamamann.

22.  Obamurism - The feeling of a tingle running up your leg that will later on, prove to be a health risk.  It is believed that Chris Matthews was the first person to suffer these symptoms.

23.  DrainObama - Aproduct for cleaning out the first 22 new Obamanyms.  It contains chemicals highly corrosive to liberals, like truth, facts, logic and common sense.  Example;  America could should sure use some DrainObama to get rid of this stubborn clog.

24. ___________ -  I'm leaving this slot open for now, hoping to get some reader feedback on additional words.

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