November 2, 2009

Grassroots goes electoral: T-1 and counting

Tomorrow the grassroots conservative movement that was awakened by the radical policies of the current radical liberal Obama regime, will taste it's first bit of REAL victory since last November. The victories of awakening Democrats and RINO Republicans via Tea Parties and boisterous town hall meetings have been fine, but that have translated to 0 electoral difference. Tomorrow will change that.  It's T-1 days to the next, albeit finite set of elections.

What is going to happen?

The GOP should win in Virginia handily, with Creigh Deeds becoming the new Governor.  But for goodness sake, don't listen to prognosticators and stay home!  That's how surprises occur.  Furthermore, a win of 69% to 31% is more of a statement than a win of 59% to 41%.  Every point counts because Virginia is a statement to the Democrats that the country is not happy with the over-the-top liberalism coming out of Washington these days.  President Obama carried Virginia in 2008.  Virginia needs to take some bold steps back towards being a red state, to force Washington to take note.

New Jersey is a tougher one but it certainly looks like Democrat Governor Jon Corzine is up against it.  Late polls show momentum shifting back towards his Republican opponent Chris Christie.  Late polling (note  - without sample sizing information as far as I have seen) have shown momentum headed back to the GOP candidate.  A GOP win would be a huge statement to the House Democrats that people are unhappy.  Blue Dog Democrats would take note.

Combined with a Conservative Party candidate win by Doug Hoffman in NY23 district special election, the Democrats would get the message loud and clear.  Whether they choose to listen is a different question.  One can hope that a sweep of those three would derail the radical, foolish health care changes being proposed, perhaps cap and trade as well.  The NY23 district has a solid Republican history but the current sellout GOP candidate bowed out and threw her support behind the Democrat instead of the conservative candidate.  It's no surprise to anyone except perhaps the RNC and Newt Gingrich.  Will it sway her supporters away from Hoffman? Some perhaps.  But Hoffman can win this.

The real message from a Hoffman win is not for the Democrats though, but rather the GOP to stop pandering to moderates and liberals by being more like Democrats.  Conservatism offers an alternative to liberalism.  It's needed.  Two left parties is not a democracy, and conservatism, if embraced and extolled, sells.  Or can sell, with the right sellers.  The message of a Conservative Party victory after a GOP implosion that resulted from backing a liberal horse in a conservative district should smarten up the RNC and the likes of Newt Gingrich, or at least get them to back off their position that conservatism can't win.  It can, and if supported properly, does.

None of these races change the balance of power anywhere in Washington D.C. (Congress, the Senate or the White House). But power is often directly a result of perception. A sweep of these three high profile races for conservatism, means that Congressional Representatives will have to take notice.  Even two of three can be viewed as a repudiation of Obama-ism.  At there very least it will also re-charge the batteries for the right. Will it happen?  It's hard to say.  I think 3/3 is possible and 2/3 is very probable for conservatives.  Virginia will go to the GOP, the other two are leaning GOP and very well should go as predicted to the GOP and Conservative Party respectively. Conservatives, will be in a better mood on Wednesday morning, but still have just as many hard battles to fight and win.

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