November 11, 2009

Obama still hasn't decided on troop levels for Afghanistan? Really?

Out in harms way, soldiers are getting killed.  The commander of the theater is requesting 40,000 additional troops to manage the situation.  President Obama meanwhile is denying reports that he's ready to send them.  In fact, he may send less and call upon NATO to add support.

Whatever he may be considering, with his enlighted and dizzying intellect, it sure looks like dithering to me, and people out in the field are at greater risk because the guy can't make up his mind.  For all his thoughtful consideration of his next move, the battles rage on and dangers loom.  This is not an untimed game of chess, it's a war.  What if Washington or Lincoln had taken this long to decide?  Or there were similar delays as Hitler marched across Europe?

In war, decisions, right are wrong, have to be made. Timeliness supercedes perfection.  There is no perfection, it's war.  This is kindergarten level stuff for a Commander-in-Chief.  Apparently, not so for the newbie.

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