November 25, 2009

Great Conservative Speeches #4 - Palin

Sarah Palin at the 2008 Republican Convention. It was a very good speech.  It was inspiring to conservatives, downtrodden by an embattled Bush (who was not truly conservative) and a lackluster McCain (who was not truly conservative).  Don't buy into the liberal hype that she's a lightweight.  If she was, they wouldn't care, and they wouldn't be bashing her incessently.

She may be a populist, but that doesn't preclude conservativism.  Listen to the speech again and remember how for a moment, it gave you hope that the Republicans weren't dead.  And see if the talking points she touches on, have changed or aren't conservative.

I created this list of top 10 conservative speeches a while ago, I didn't intend for this to coincide with her book release, but timing is everything, especially in politics. Just ask Barack.

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