November 16, 2009

All Systems Go! NASA, or Palin?

T-20 minutes (here at least), I'm not talking about another NASA shuttle launch, I'm talking about Palin on Oprah. This is a golden opportunity for a brand re-launch if you want to consider it in clinical political terms.

Remember, After new Coke, Coca Cola was able to rebrand itself with its original formula and people re-acquired a nostalgia for it.  Palin's initial brand, as it were, was exemplified by her first speech to the Republican Convention last fall.  This could go as well as that if she manages to handle the interview well.

Oprah seems to be going into the dragon's den in a sense for Palin.  Despite Oprah's image a nice, Oxygen loving, friend to women, she did schill for Obama.  Palin will be treated politely but Oprah would be quite happy to see Palin trip up and is more than willing to create a situation favorable to that outcome, even if she doesn't do the tripping herself.

Then again, Palin has had time to prep herself for that sort of situation and should expect it to be coming, and be prepared for it. This should prove to be an interesting, and hopefully not predictable week.

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