November 6, 2009

A Note To Nancy Pelosi

The following is a template of a note people should consider sending to Nancy Pelosi to ask her a simple question on the various Democrat health care proposals floating around.

Dear Nancy,

I am someone who is unconvinced that the various forms of current Democrat proposals are the correct way solve the nation's problem. However I am open minded and willing to be convinced if a couple of questions can be satisfactorily answered. I'd like to give you an opportunity to convince me of the error of my ways.

Since you are very busy in your role I will limit myself to one question:

My understanding is that the proposed legislation mandates that private insurers cannot screen out people with pre-existing conditions. If that's true there is nothing to stop people (who do not want to use what they see as a free public alternative) from waiting to get sick to go get private insurance. The insurance companies can see that as easily as you or I. Mandating people get covered will not stop that, it will only swell the ranks of those taking advantage of the "free" public option.

So here's my question. If the proposed legislation supposedly allows for the continued existence private insurers, why is set up to make them want to fold up shop on their health care products? They will in fact 'voluntarily' stop offering their products because they can see they will only be insuring the people who are currently sick. That is economically not viable for them. So how is this legislation ANYTHING other than an underhanded government take-over of the health care insurance industry? Why are you trying to drive private companies out of business? Why is this anything other than theft on a massive scale? And is that the reason you and your cohorts are lying to the American people about the intent and ultimate outcome of this legislation?



P.S. I do not work in or with the insurance industry other than as a consumer of their products. Nor am I a Nazi, just in case you were considering that as an adjective in your reply.

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