November 27, 2009

There really is still a War on Terror.

Ample evidence exists that the War on Terror is alive and well, even if it is only one side - the bad guys - who are fighting it. Today marks the one year anniversary of the terror attacks on Mumbai by Islamic radicals that killed 166 people. In India vigils were held along with calls for a death penalty to the lone surviving terrorist, who is currently standing trial.

Meanwhile in Pakistan, seven men suspected, were FINALLY indicted in the crime.

The so called Man Caused Disaster at Fort Hood underscores to the public that these problems are not going to go away. They must be addressed. Jihad does not come to you because of your actions - it comes because of who you are. No amount of bowing, apologizing and embracing of tin pot dictators is going to change that. It does not go away.

Those radicals who want to destroy America haven't seen the light shining around Obama. The see only an opportunity. Their hatred, their evil has not, will not be, dissipated by kindness. They do not ascribe to liberty. The ascribe to a belief that all must be faithful believers in their twisted murderous thuggish ideology or suffer the consequences - death. That is the fundamental difference that George Bush, Dick Cheney et. al. understood, and the current troupe does not.

Speaking with Ahmedinejad has not stopped Iran's march towards nuclear arms. Jihadists are similarly driven; by an Islam-or-death mentality.

This problem, unlike global warming, will not suddenly vanish in a puff of logic. It is permanent. Radical ideology can not be defeated by logic or Karl Marx wouldn't be laughing in his grave at the U. S. today. Radical ideology can only be contained, with tremendous effort that involves diplomacy, military effort and eternal vigilance.

For the Democrats it appears that is too high of a cost. They seemingly would rather suffer the scars of occasional attrition al attacks than pay the price of preparedness. That is their choice. Thankfully, as a result of American belief in liberty, the American voter has a choice as well.

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