November 13, 2009

Where did everybody go?

This is a self-serving post with no obvious beneficial outcome. But I've got a question for my readers. Or what's left of my readers.

Last year I had a number of visitors that were in the 100-200 range on a fairly consistent basis. It peaked in March one day at nearly 500 visitors thanks to a mention on Conservative Grapevine. Something I'm still proud of, being recognized by John Hawkins. Those numbers weren't RightWingNews numbers by any stretch. But to me they were very encouraging.

The visitor numbers trailed off over the summer, not unexpectedly. Then in August, in the heat of the town hall frustrations they made a strong rebound. Since then, let's just say a couple of weeks ago I had one week where I managed to get only 49 visitors for the entire week. My Technorati authority number has subsequently fallen from the 440's to 139.

So where did everybody go? Did I say something offensive? Have my posts become stupid, redundant or unreadable? What just happened?

I have no clue. Readers who still come are displaying the same behaviors in terms of how many posts they read. They spend as much time on the site as before. There's just far fewer of them.

Here are my two questions (and I realize the irony that asking those who have stuck around why people have left is likely to provide a biased response).

1. What - if anything - has made my blog less appealing as a stopping point in your daily web travels? (Brutal honesty is encouraged).

2. What - if anything - would you do to bring back (or in) readership to a blog?

Please feel free to enter comments in the comments section.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.



  1. I subscribe via a Google Reader feed. Given that I can usually see complete postings by that method, I wonder if you never see me as a visitor while I still read your blog.

    Point being, if so, you may not have lost viewership at all. Rather, maybe you just can't see them all.

  2. I still visit on a regular basis - good blog

  3. Anonymous - I get stats on my feed reader but it's a lot harder to gleen info on that. I'm glad you're still reading though. Thanks.

    I've got a question for you - when I embed youtube videos in a post, do they show up in the reader as links?

    Gene - thanks for your continued visits as well, and for the compliment too.

    Thanks again for the comments and feedback folks. :-)


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