November 21, 2009

Simply Indefensible.

You can talk to a Democrat, pardon the pun, until you are blue in the face, but it won't make a bit of difference.  They believe being fiscally conservative means you are selfish, mean-spirited and greedy.  They do not understand that liberal policies in many subtke ways, embody greed.  They do not understand that what drives fiscal conservatives is not wanting to spend the money but rather not wanting the COUNTRY TO GO BANKRUPT!!!!

Already my face is turning blue.

The fact of the matter is that health care reform as espoused by Democrats, and Cap and Trade and the ARRA stimulus and the omnibus bill ALL are financial, simply indefensible.

The country is being drained of it's lifeblood and IT CAN DIE. IT WILL at this rate.

The Wall Street Journal describes it as a coming disaster.

Peter Schiff sees it too, just as he saw the housing bubble burst.

Part II:

As an aside, word is Schiff is going to run against Dodd in Connecticut: (in which he uses the word 'distaster')

That's trading up, big time - Dodd is at least negligent and at worst criminal on the housing problems. Schiff deserves support.

Charles Gasparino from CNBC gets it too;

The examples could go on forever. The fact is that there are so many people who see the gaping holes in the Obama Titanic that  to continue without even stopping for a breath is also, simply indefensible.

If this economic folly is not halted soon, it has only two possible outcomes - collapse and/or violence.  Either way, this does not end well.  I know it sounds like the equivalent of conspiracy nutjob stuff but we're talking about trillion dollar debts for a decade, in a best case CBO scenario.  The best case is never the way reality turns out.

If these people are wrong, then delaying Obama health care a few years is merely a delay.  If they are right, or even partly right, then we are facing an even bigger change than Obama planned - irreversible decay of America's financial power and global influence.  We're talking about the greatest country in the history of the world turning into an also-ran.  Rome fell; in it's heyday it was the current version of America as far as geopolitical and economic power.  There are more disturbingly similar parallels too.  That means America is not too big to fail.  Do you really want to chance that for free health care paid by higher taxes, and money borrowed from China and/or stolen from your children?

It really is indefensible.

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