August 21, 2012

Knee-jerk liberal emulator

I'm working on a knee-jerk liberal emulator.  I figure if I get it right I can practice my debate skills without having to find a liberal to debate with.  The idea is simple, program in a bunch of disparate liberal arguments that won't seem to have any relationship to the debate at hand, but that nevertheless, liberals have pulled out as their main counterpoints during a heated debate.

You can use these too - make a statement and then throw a random response from below at yourself and try to counter it.  True, the ultimate conclusion from emulating a debate with a liberal will be that they are as unwinnable as they are unreasonable.  That remains to be seen over thousands of emulations.  Who knows, maybe your debate practice could be quite entertaining in the meantime.  There's certainly some unconstructive but deliciously sarcastic responses to some of these.

So far I have the following liberal retorts.

"That's racist."

"That's homophobic."

"You've been brainwashed to be a slave to the 1%."

 "That's sexist."

"That's ethnocentric."

"Why do you support American imperialism?"

"You are a religious nut."

"You hate poor people."

"You are selfish."

"Corporations aren't people but unions are."

"You support raping the environment."

"Your sources aren't credible."

"There are more experts who agree with what I believe than experts who agree with what you believe."

"You're a Neanderthal. "

"You are against progress."

"You are being judgmental."

"You aren't morally superior to anyone."

"I bet you favor waterboarding."

If you've got any more for me, put them in the comment section, along with suggestions for the voice to use with these arguments.  I'm thinking Tweety Bird or Elmer Fudd.

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