August 22, 2012

Top 10 Biden: understated in an over the top kind of way

Joe Biden may be off the mark on 90% of what he says, but he has to be the foremost authority today of saying something over the top and getting tons of press over his foolishness.  Yet in general, he stands out about as much as an accountant. He's understated in an over the top kind of way.

Here are the top 10 Biden moments of over-the-topness:

First, a bonus Biden over-the-top remark.

(10) I loves me some soda! (2012): This one is more understated, but I had to include it because it is humorous.

(9) Let me show you what I learned in history (2008): understated over-the-topness, for the historically aware.

(8) Understated over-the-top boredom, with no need for words (2011):

(7) Indians have pwned 7-11 (2006): I'm just showing this one without a comment.  There's no good way out of this one.

(6) Our bill passes or rapes will rise (2011): The GOP are the bad guys, but Joe is the one with the scary ultimatum.

(5) 3-4 time (2008): Wait, this guy was on the WINNING ticket that year?

(4) Back in chains (2012): Over the top foolishness from this year.

3)  Ooh, pick her! (2008): Any attention is good marketing right, Joe?

(2) Stand up, wheelchair guy! (2008): What you didn't see was Biden pushing the guy off a cliff after the speech.

(1) Yeah, that's what I'm telling ya! (2009): This is clearly #1. Double plus un-good.

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