August 28, 2012

Quick follow up on convention speech analyses

It seems like both Fox and CNN are saying that the Anne Romney speech was the home run for the first night of the convention.  I stand by my quick analysis.  Her speech was a B - it will ultimately be graded on whether it moved or started moving the needle for women voters on Romney.  I thought Chris Christie's speech was far more powerful.  Of course the bar is higher for him, given that he's a politician and she's not.  But his speech really carried weight (no pun intended). It was moving and focused and it spoke to the issues.  It set the tone, the theme for the Republican convention.

I'd even say Artur Davis hit a better note than Anne Romney.  Her speech was good, but it wasn't the best of the night.

One parting thought:  CNN's Wolf Blitzer noticed Romney didn't smile enough.  Can you say NITPICKING?

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