August 28, 2012

Quick-Grading the Convention Speeches

Winning speech.                                       Photo: Via ABC
Scott Walker's speech seemed to wake up the convention. B+

Rick Santorum's speech was dry and unexciting. C-

John Kasich's speech was energetic and insightful but not highly inspiring. B-

Artur Davis' speech was quite good, focused on the right target but unfortunately under-received by the crowd. A-

Nikki Haley's speech was good and had some excellent of examples of Obama as a roadblock. B

Anne Romney's speech started weak but grew in strength as it went along.  It was well received. But did it make a dent in women's opinions of Romney?  Maybe a little.  B

Chris Christie. The keynote speech, was funny, passionate, forthright and well-spoken. A
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